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Deb Roberts

Founder & CEO

Mom of a perfect embaby boy

Single Mom By Choice over 45


Kelly W

Client Care Manager

Mom of two

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Deb managed brands and launched new products at large companies such as Quaker Oats and Coca-Cola, and at successful start-ups such as GutCheck and her own consulting practice.  She left that world to pursue her passion to help create families because she is the proud, overflowing single-mom-by-choice of an embryo-donated child.  In addition to her business management and new products experience, Deb has been on the board of various non-profit organizations, including a children’s literacy program, another passion of hers.

Deb personally manages matching families for donation, requirements for donation, and logistics to safely transport embryos from the donor to recipient lab.


Kelly is a fertility nurse with over 18 years of experience supporting families through their fertility journeys. She brings organization, attentiveness, and kindness to every patient experience.

Kelly manages all medical aspects of the donation, including medical records, FDA screening, and other clinic requirements fulfillment.



We rely on experts to help with the various requirements for a successful embryo donation and adoption, including experienced embryo adoption attorneys, psychologists, cryotransporter, and your fertility center.

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Reproductive Endocrinologists

Embryo Connections works with your Reproductive Endocrinologist, so that you can continue care and transfer at your preferred clinic.


EC provides a referral list of counselors specializing in 3rd Party Reproduction in your state of residence.


EC provides a referral list of counselors specializing in 3rd Party Reproduction in your state of residence or the jurisdiction of the donation.

Embryo Eligibility

EC provides full FDA Human Tissue Donor Screening for potential embryo donors.


EC works with the best, most experienced embryo transporter in the US.


Advisory Board

A diverse team of passionate supporters dedicated to helping families share embryos - experienced in reproductive medicine, family and reproductive law, marketing, and raising children - of parental genetic make-up and donated... equally cherished.


Ellen Trachman
Trachman Law Center (TLC), Colorado Surrogacy, and Montana Surrogacy

Ellen brings dedicated and compassionate legal representation to those wishing to build a family through adoption or assisted reproductive technology. She listens to your needs, and develops an agreement that works for both parties and stands up to the law. TLC supports all recipients and recommends attorneys to support the donating family.

Ellen is an advocate for helping families, adept at managing embryo law in all 50 states, and experienced with most fertility clinics across the US. She is a wise listener and astute guide in the process. Ellen is also the mother of 4 beautiful children.

Rick Weber
Attorney, Entrepreneur

Rick is both a successful lawyer and has launched successful start-ups in the legal technology space. He guest lectures at University of Chicago Business School. Rick is married to a physician and has 2 vivacious children.