Just a few examples of donors and recipients that are actively searching for their families. Please call to learn more about our donors and recipients.




single mom.png

I’ve always wanted to be a mom

I’m a professional with advanced degrees, and just never found Mr. Right to start my family. I know I’m meant to be a mom! I love yoga and running with my dog, and all kinds of music! I can carry a tune and take care of pets and animals all at the same time :)

Interest: Multiple embryos, with no pet allergies!

Relationship: I’m flexible

Children: None yet!


We want to share our loving home with children

Our love for animals brought us together, and we’ve been inseparable ever since! We are very active with DIY projects, exercise, cooking, gardening, and our dogs.

Interest: PGT tested embryos, light hair color

Relationship: Semi-Open to Open

Children: None yet!

Ashley and Nicholas

We are excited to start our family

Some things we love: crafts & art, softball, country, reggae, & hip hop music, sushi & Thai food, astrology, dressing up, and horror movies!

Interest: Mixed race embryos

Relationship: Open

Children: None yet!

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We want to add a daughter to our family

We love being parents and we’re not done. We have 1 bio and 2 adopted daughters - we want to add 1 more to our happy family. We love reading, golf, christian music, and chasing kids!

Interest: PGT tested female embryo

Relationship: Flexible

Children: 3: 1 Caucasian, 2 Asian


We want our embryos to thrive in a loving home

We are a mixed race family with advanced engineering & science degrees and hearts of gold. We’re active, caring, and love to try new things.

Interest: Mixed race family

Relationship: Semi-Open to Open

Embryos: 5 blasts and 3 D3s, untested


Embryo donation is a really powerful, amazing thing

We are a very active, outdoorsy, progressive family with one beautiful daughter and embryos to share.

Interest: Same sex couple

Relationship: Semi-open to Open

Embryos: 12 DE/PS blasts, untested


We want to help a couple who really wants a child

We are an optimistic, fun loving family who just re-started parenthood! We love soccer and all things outdoors! We’re entrepreneurs at heart.

Interest: Christian married couple

Relationship: Semi-open to Open

Embryos: 3 DE/PS blasts, untested


I want to give the genetic siblings to my wonderful child to a Jewish family

I’m a single mom with one fabulous daughter, who is showered with love by my entire family.

Interest: Jewish family interested in >1 child

Relationship: TBD

Embryos: 6 PGT tested blasts