Support the cause: Happy Families

In addition to donating embryos, there are two ways you can help families struggling with conception.


Sponsor embryo recipients

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Families that have suffered years of infertility are often doing so completely out of pocket, because most states don’t require insurance to cover the costs of diagnosed infertility. As a result, many have spent their life savings, taken out second mortgages, done whatever they could do in order to simply have a child. At this point, even the cost of embryo adoption and implantation can be daunting, given the inevitable costs of raising a child that come after they’ve been blessed with a child. Your donation towards the program or specific recipients can help them finally have a child to love.  More information →

Support women’s healthcare

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If you want to contribute to a broader effort to improve female medical care, to make fertility insurable medical care, we commend you!! We need all the help we can get to support women’s health. 

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